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We know sporting events inside and out. Whether you’re looking to develop and organise a tailored spectator event or championship in Malta, or create a fitness programme for yourself or your colleagues, get the ball rolling with Madletiks today.

What we offer…

Customer Events

Here at Madletiks, we have the experience and know-how to develop, organise and produce tailored sporting events held in the Maltese islands for companies, brands, and sports federations. Whether you’d like to hold a branded client event, run a CSR project, or receive event management and support, you can rely on our team of experts. Put the ball in our court and see your customer event executed with flexibility, attention to detail, and a personal touch.

Participatory Events

We arrange participatory event programmes of all sizes in Malta, from running and cycling races, to team sports events. Expecting public spectators? Needing space for several participating teams? We’ve got you covered.

Spectator Events & Championships

Get your spectator event off to a flying start with our experienced team. Madletiks takes care of every aspect of your event – whether it’s big or small, national or international. We handle everything, from renting the ideal venue in Malta and arranging event permits, to the acquisition of infrastructure and event logistics. Why not check out what else we offer in our hospitality section?

Personal and Corporate Wellbeing

Whether you want to train as a group or hit the track solo, let Madletiks inspire your journey. We offer coaching and mentoring to individuals, companies, community groups, and schools and colleges across the Maltese islands. Let’s get fitter and healthier together!